All things can be taught through projects, an initial question is enough and one begins to search

The Spanish educator Fernando Hernández and Montserrat Ventura are based on the ideas of John Dewey, a North American philosopher and educator, who defended the relation of life to society, from means to ends, and from theory to practice.
The main proposal of the educators Fernando Hernández and Montserrat Ventura is to reorganize the curriculum by projects. The teacher must leave the role of “content transmitter” to become a researcher and the student in turn becomes the subject of the process teaching learning. In a project, “all things can be taught through projects, all we have to do is have an initial question and start researching and seeking evidence on the subject,” says Spanish educator Fernando Hernández.
In a work project the students themselves begin to participate in the creation process, looking for answers and seeking solutions. In this process the most important step is the raising of doubts and the definition of learning objectives. In the organization of the curriculum for work projects there is the search for adequate answers and correct solutions, thus facilitating the decision making, which occurs in the delineation of the process.

We must first define the problems, only then choose the most appropriate disciplines to work for and find solutions. It works through pre-defined content. According to Fernando Hernández, there are many ways to ensure learning, and working with design is just one of the options. “It is good and it is necessary for students to take lectures, take part in seminars, work in groups and individually, that is, study in different situations,” explains Hernández.

Every project needs to be related to the objectives and contents so as not to lose the sense of what one wants to achieve. It is necessary to establish limits and goals for the culmination of work. The work projects approach the school of the student and are very associated to the research on the interest of the student, To the curiosity and investigation of the current facts. There is a need for teachers to discuss the work proposal, emphasizing their doubts, extolling their ideas and suggestions, so that everyone is involved in the process.
The teacher will never be alone, because the work project is collective and based on research. Everything taught through a project begins with an initial problem. “Not everything can be taught through projects, but everything can be taught as a project.”
The school is an institution that organizes itself through historically accumulated and constructed knowledges, which must be rescued, recovered and preserved, adding the knowledges built and acquired in the present, not forgetting that in the era of technology and globalization, these knowledges are dynamic and Complex, Transforming vertiginously. Today there are no owners of knowledge, because truths are transient and not permanent. One learns to learn everyday and at all times. There is a need to provide moments of interaction with students, to create opportunities for the development of the “critical eye”, so that information is analyzed, reflected and then transformed into knowledge built in the light of criticality and intelligent doing.
Fernando Hernández praises teachers with his speech: “the teacher, in Brazil, has a desire to learn and a willingness to commit to his or her learning. Brazil is one of the countries in the world that I know where educators vibrate the most. They are passionate, concerned, committed. This is a capital that the country has and can not be wasted. I know few in other countries, Who has no money and yet get together as a group to buy a book and learn together. This is wonderful”.