Child education – Children from 2 to 5 years old e INITIAL GROUP

The feeling of belonging to a group, of being a dear and important person, and the growing awareness of the capacity to learn are fundamental aspects of the formation of our little students. In this sense, the first stage of school life aims to form close bonds with teachers and employees, and with all the learning situations experienced to give vent to curiosity, the will to know, the confidence in oneself and the respect for others.

In a climate of trust and affection, students gain security in their own expressive, cognitive, motor, affective, and social skills relative to others and knowledge, and they have numerous opportunities to develop their creativity and appreciation for discovery and culture.

In this first step, being autonomous is related to the capacity to take on small responsibilities, considering the personal needs and the other, within the rules and limits valued for a healthy coexistence. Students take care of their belongings and common use material, talk to solve problems, and learn to reconnect with dialogue as a way of exposing their point of view and understanding others.

Creating real spaces for the participation of young children values their possibility of action, while at the same time inserting them into the life of the school.

In the unit Butantã we serve children from 3 to 5 years and in the unit Morumbi we serve children from 2 years.

And the little ones came here …

The Initial Group of the Morumbi Unit is formed by children who complete two years of age in the first half of the year. The class receives new students at any time of the year. Children are already walking, and most of them wear diapers. The desfralde is part of a combination between parents, pediatrician and school, in a quiet dynamic, respecting the process of each one.

The routine of the little ones is differentiated. It has a brief sleep schedule, projects that prioritize the knowledge of self and the other, the exploration of school spaces, different materials, and interaction with other children. The space where they are is very welcoming, and there is the possibility of parental participation in the routine, at the last moment, from 6:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

This group also has music, history in the library, motor proposals that favor the development of abilities such as: to rise, to descend, to fall with support, to jump, to balance itself, among others.

The monthly news is shared with the parents in a blog, which includes: videos, photos and texts to accompany together the wonderful achievements of our little ones.