The children’s school. The school and the children

Why is it so important that children go to school ? Going to school for many children is a great novelty as well as being very enjoyable for them. A school child in many familiescan only be the first major spatial change in children’s lives. Children go to school not only to learn to read, write, add and subtract. The school is an establishment where the child will be educated in different degrees of instruction.

The school should be for all

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At school the child gradually builds up his character, his capacity for reflection and judgment, while at the same time expanding his knowledge. In more advanced countries, schooling is compulsory and free, and with almost equal opportunities for all students. Unfortunately, in many countries schools are not sufficient or accessible to all children, which directly implies the lack of work and opportunities in life.

Without a doubt, the school, whether public or private, is an agent of socialization within a society. It works as a complement to family education, which is also indispensable. One institution completes the other. At school, children acquire academic, cultural, social and behavioral knowledge. Knowledge that, after all, will accompany you throughout your life.

Parents and children’s school

Parents are the first teachers and those who have the greatest influence on children’s lives. It is therefore very important for parents to develop and maintain strong ties with their children’s schools. When parents and families get involved in schools, children tend to stand out more and their opinions about school are more positive. In order for children to succeed in school, parents and families must actively participate in the learning of children . Here are some tips for parents of school-age children:

– Seek out all staff who are in touch with your child at school.

– Talk about what you believe is important about your child to your teachers .

– Maintain fluent and constant communication with your child’s school .

– Participate in meetings, celebrations, etc. Of the school and is always present.

– Be aware of your child’s progress and difficulties in school .

– Talk to your child about school and get your opinion and tastes about school and teachers and friends.