Play with books to encourage children to read

A book in the hands of a child can take you flying through worlds of fantasy , imagination, magic … and come to transform this encounter into a veritable maelstrom of sensations, voices and noises.

It is that a book is also a great gaming tool, and as such, has to be present in a child’s life from birth.

A gesture as simple as reading a story to a child can enrich an enriching hobby throughout his or her life. has found an important material on how to convert the book into a toy .

Playing books with the kids

Playing with books with children

Whatever small tale it may be, it can turn into a play of voices and noises. The changes of tones enchant the small ones: the high voices, the low voices, those that mimic the children, a witch, the sounds of water, wind, animals … Thus they learn to identify the different characters: the good, The baddies, the youngest or the oldest. The sure thing is that any creative element will catch your attention!

Note: For children 0 to 8 years.

Draw a story with your child

Only colored pencils, cardboards and a storyteller are needed. The game consists of the children representing the different sequences of the story: the beginning, middle and the end. You can do as many drawings as you like. The important thing is to leave your creativity free. In addition, by observing your drawings you can learn hundreds of things: the ones that catch your attention the most will be the biggest, and the ones you least like will omit you or be very small … You’ll be delighted to have your own illustrations of the short stories!

Note: For children from 3 to 8 years. From the age of 6 you can also propose to write small texts in the footer of the drawings, so they will make their own stories.

Do theater with your child

It’s time to get out of the trunk: an umbrella, gloves, plastic collars, belts, or a vest. Any old clothes will be the perfect disguise. It will also help a set of children’s makeup to characterize a mustache, a scar or to “age” the countenance. They will represent your favorite tale!

Note: For children from 5 to 8 years. From the age of 7 you can also propose to write a short script to adapt the story of the book.

Child super detective

If what you want is to develop your attention, you just have to suggest to them that you are a “super detective.” The game consists of finding secret clues: they can be colors, words that start with A or B , words in the plural, in the male, the female, to write words with H . You can set a time or word limit and at the end think of a great reward … How about your favorite dessert? It’s great for spelling, vocabulary and language!

Note: For children from 7 to 12 years. Each detective has to have his own detective book and pen to be able to write down all the clues. If many children participate, each can use a different colored pen.

Invent another end to the story with your child

Surely there must be some book with a little fun ending, so the solution is to combine the whole family with a perfect ending. Each one presents his idea and the whole family decides that “piece of history” is the best. It is a way of talking about a book: the characters, the context, the different situations, etc. The game can be complicated by the age of the participants.

Note: For children 5 years and over. This game has no age and there are certainly hundreds of endings to be modified.