A Fantastic Activity to Clear Listening and Attention

Does your child know how to identify similarities and differences between objects? And between sounds? Is it able to identify similar and different sounds? Watch today’s video and check out a super simple activity to train hearing discrimination.

In the last video , to help those children who are inattentive, I introduced two sound sequencing activities that are excellent for exercising listening, sequential memory and also attention. As many parents liked these activities and exercises , I decided to record this video to teach another great activity that is sure to further refine your children’s listening skills.

In this activity children will have to compare the sounds to see if they are the same or different. Then they will combine these sounds and pair them by putting together the recipients that produce the same sound. This may seem like an easy and simple task, but it requires memory, careful listening, and careful attention.

Show activity to your child. First place the bottles on the table or on the floor and say to him: “Son, I will listen and pair the different sounds produced by these little bottles. With your right hand you will grab a bottle that is to your left and shake it, listen to the sound and then look for the corresponding sound. Then you will pair the little bottles. ” Start with three pairs of sounds and over time enter the fourth and fifth pairs of sounds until you reach the six pairs.

You noticed that I used a marking on the little bottles: some with blue balls, some with red balls, anyway. Do this, as this will make it easier to pair sounds, compare them, and combine them. I am sure that through this activity your children will exercise, day after day, listening skills that are central to pre-literacy and literacy.

So that’s it, stay with God and see you next time.

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